PomSports Overview

PomSports helps you meet your match - it connects you to a team, teammate, opponent, or coach in order to help you play your favourite sports. PomSports is the ultimate all-in-one sports app designed to connect users to one another in order to solve the issue of not having a team for a game of baseball, a teammate for a game of tennis, an opponent for a pick-up game of basketball, or a coach to help you develop.

Our Purpose is to Give Back

PomSports is all about paving a path for this generation and the next generation of athletes. As a parent, you can document and create a story of your child’s development from a young age and get them noticed by the right people. As both a parent and user, you'll be able to bring your story to life from playing on your driveway as a child all the way to playing in the big leagues. PomSports believes in getting users engaged and active by eliminating the participatory obstacles that stand in their way of exercising by playing their favourite sports. PomSports also helps sponsors youth directly by allowing users, parents, fans, and teams to fund their favourite athlete and help them pay for equipment, coaching, and more!

Here’s What PomSports Does For People:

Ultimately, PomSports is a way for people of all ages and walks of life to get away from traditional methods of physical fitness, like repetitive weight-lifting and running on the treadmill for hours, and replaces it with a fun and engaging way to get people active. By connecting people to each other through sports PomSports is helping people to not only connect with new people but also to get physically active while playing fun sports.

Take a Step-by-Step Look at our PomSports App:

The PomSports Movement in detail

More than Meets the Eye

PomSports is also much more than sports matchmaking. PomSports is a place for people to brand and market themselves as athletes, a scouting hub for professionals, a sports media source, and a store for the most recent sports merchandise.

The Movement

The PomSports movement is all about enablement and empowerment. Being a part of this movement means providing generations of youth a way to make it in the world. Being part of this movement means putting a hockey stick in the hands of a kid who couldn’t afford it. Being part of this movement means providing the future generations of kids, youths, and adults with a brighter and healthier future.

The Purpose

The primary purpose of the PomSports movement is to enable and empower generations of youth to come by eliminating financial, participatory, and developmental obstacles in sports. In addition, the PomSports movement is about engaging people of all ages to live and lead an active lifestyle!

About us

Meet the Dream Team


Ken Pompey

Ken is the CEO of PomSports and proud father of 2 sons in the MLB - Dalton Pompey of the Arizona Diamondbacks and Tristan Pompey of the Miami Marlins. Ken developed both his sons into professional athletes and has created PomSports to help other parents do the same.


David Feld

David is the President of PomSports, a lawyer, and entrepreneur. As a father, David wants to give kids like his the chance to have access to the coaches they need to be the best they can be.


Rishi Sharma

Rishi is the Founder and visionary of PomSports. He has two law degrees, a tech background, and knows everything sports!

Anyone part of PomSports will be joining the movement to provide a brighter and healthier future for people across the world!

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